The Grand Finale Deluxe Tour

Grand Finale Deluxe Tour Evening departure.

TOUR TIME: Approximately 3 hours

PRICE: $135.00 per adult, $122.00 per child (ages 1.5 to 15 years)

Please call us for special requirements such as a car seat.



  • Visit remote viewpoints of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon for a dramatic, colorful sunset tour.
  • This ultimate experience will show you the canyon from various viewpoints and angles.
  • Stop at Lipan Point to see Vishnu Schist, the Hance Rapids, and Seventyfive Mile Creek.
  • Gaze at the “Big Bend” in the Colorado River from Navajo Point.
  • Learn about the “Sinking Ship” from your guide while visiting Moran Point
  • Climb the 70-foot Desert View Watchtower for a panoramic view that will take your breath away.
  • See one of the world’s most famous landscapes from a comfortable, open-air Jeep.
  • Discover tourist-free photo ops as your guide drives you past the shuttle buses and crowds.
  • Check out the multi-layered sandstone formations that create the distinctive canyon walls.
  • Learn about the rich history, ecology, and culture of the canyon from a highly-trained guide.
  • Your guide can answer questions and share experiences that will bring the canyon to life!
  • Fill your camera with dozens of stunning landscapes from multiple lookout points.
  • Be dazzled by the reds and oranges cast on the canyon walls by the setting sun.
  • Experience the height of the Grand Canyon’s beauty—it’s an evening you won’t soon forget!
  • See one-of-a-kind views of the canyon in the IMAX movie “Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets”

*Fee does not cover park re-entry after tour.

Tour Description:

Could there be a more dramatic place to witness a sunset than at the Grand Canyon South and East Rim?

Learn about the multi-layered sandstone formations that define the Grand Canyon from your knowledgeable interpretive guide. The explosive color palette of the Canyon changes moment by moment as dazzling light dances across giant rock cliffs, shadows envelop entire gorges and canyon walls blaze orange, rust, and red.

Our experienced tour guides will interpret the indigenous flora and fauna and provide captivating geological and historical information. Your Pink Jeep will stop at many prominent vistas.

The Grand Finale Deluxe tour takes a scenic drive along the East Rim as the sun dips in the sky and makes its final display in this Grandest of Canyons.


Absolutely perfect! The best way to enjoy and be educated on what we were looking at!

Melissa, 07 Nov 2016


Daniel, 07 Nov 2016

Great tour and beautiful view of the sunset at the Grand Canyon! I highly recommend this tour if this is your first time at the Canyon!

Barbara, 05 Nov 2016

It was great! I was a little scared so close to the edge, but overall great for my 1st time at the canyon.

Marie, 02 Nov 2016

The Grand Canyon Deluxe Tour was spectacular. Highly recommend the sunset tour. Also did the Indian Ruins Tour in Sedona. Also recommended.

Jillian, 01 Nov 2016

Excellent, informative and engaging. I didn't enjoy the IMAX movie as much. I think I would've preferred to,learn about the geology of the canyon rather than man trying to dominate it

Beverley, 30 Oct 2016

Great tour

Ron, 30 Oct 2016

Interactive and informative!

Tony, 30 Oct 2016

William was a wonderful tour guide! He is so knowledgeable and friendly! We learned so much and the beauty was enhanced by the information he gave us about what we were viewing! The grand finale was viewing the sunset to the music of his hopi flute music!

Kathleen, 30 Oct 2016

Fun, engaging and a highlight

Edward, 29 Oct 2016

When your approaching the big "60", and you have an opportunity to explore some place like the Grand Canyon, EXPLORE it all! It would take several trips, and maybe never to see the canyon as the experts do, so my bucket list success's is enriched!

Tim, 26 Oct 2016

Joaquin was great and very helpful with my handicapped mother. Made her feel included and part of the tour. He made the tour very fun!

Terri, 25 Oct 2016

William is wonderful!

Jeris, 21 Oct 2016

it was amazing!

Damon, 18 Oct 2016

Amazing. Our tour guide was awesome and very knowledgeable. I would recommend the pink jeep tours and Sean as a tour guide to anyone visiting the grand canyon. He answered all of our questions and took pictures of us and with us. I can't say enough great things about it. Thank you Sean and thank you pink jeep tours

Kristina, 16 Oct 2016

The tour was amazing, I think the sunset tour is the best. It was engaging and fun. Sean was the best and he was knowledgeable on the history and geology of the grand canyon.

Ramon, 16 Oct 2016

Your guide Ted made the experience one for a lifetime. Please thank him for us.

John, 16 Oct 2016

The tour was so much fun and extremely educational. Would recommend it to anyone

Paul, 13 Oct 2016

It was a great time of day to see GC! Shane made it fun and enjoyable, he told good stories and seems to enjoy his work!

Patti, 13 Oct 2016

Great---must experience to really enjoy the agrqnd Canyon

Carolyn, 11 Oct 2016