The Grand Finale Tour

The Grand Finale Tour

TOUR TIME: Approximately 2 hours

PRICE: $115.00 per adult, $104.00 per child (ages 1.5 to 15 years)

Price does not include tax.  15% gratuity added for parties of 8 or more.


  • Experience the Grand Canyon in a whole new light on this unique and incredible sunset tour. Learn the history and culture of the canyon from your private guide.
  • Ride in the open-air down Desert View Drive, beyond where typical tour shuttles ever go.
  • Let your personal guide take you away from the crowds and into the magic of the Grand Canyon.
  • Snap a special photograph (or a dozen) from any spectacular point along the trail.
  • See the vibrant colors of the canyon explode and change as the sun begins to dip towards the horizon.
  • After the drama of the sunset, take in a tranquil sky of stars, unpolluted by city lights.
  • See one-of-a-kind views of the canyon in the IMAX movie “Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets”

*Fee does not cover park re-entry after tour.

Tour Description:

One of the best views of the South Rim Grand Canyon comes with the setting sun. Witness a dramatic landscape hidden with the blazing sun when you select this Pink Jeep Tours evening tour package.

This South Rim Grand Canyon tour features your own personal tour guide experienced and knowledgeable in all things Grand Canyon including its history, geology, culture and ecology. Have a question not found in the Park brochures? Your tour guide has the answer. Your Pink Jeep Tour guide will escort you safely to the best spots to witness the Grand Canyon’s sunset views.

What better way to start your South Rim Grand Canyon tour than by boarding one of our open-air Jeeps? Feel the wind dance on your skin as you zoom by stopped tour buses with long boarding lines. Your Pink Jeep Tour whisks you along Desert View Drive, miles past the last shuttle bus stop. There’s still enough daylight to capture the captivating beauty of the Grand Canyon with your camera.

Now it’s time for what you’ve been waiting for. This sunset doesn’t disappoint. Watch in awe as the explosive colors dance upon the Grand Canyon cliffs and the canyon walls become a glowing rainbow of oranges, rusts and reds. As the sun dips closer to the horizon, greying shadows swallow up entire gorges. After the sun sets upon the South Rim Grand Canyon, sparkling stars come out to play. Without the city lights, the night sky is brilliant with countless constellations.

Your South Rim Grand Canyon experience includes a ticket to the IMAX movie, “Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets.” See unbelievable images of the Grand Canyon that take you high above the canyon floor and across the racing waters of the Colorado River on this enormous film screen. Uncover the truths of early native civilizations, European explorers, and American expeditions with this timeless IMAX film located just outside the Park entrance.


We had a great time on this tour. The views are breathtaking and sunset at the Grand Canyon is spectacular! Our guide, Sam was fun, informative and quite the photographer!

Marie, 17 Apr 2017

It was great! and the sunset totally cooperated

Lisa, 15 Apr 2017

Loved it! Would very much recommend. Jason was very good & told us a lot about the history of the canyon, the plants, etc.

Penny, 10 Apr 2017

Fun....and no looking for a parking spot!

Joy, 09 Apr 2017

Ted really did a great job. We took another tour in Sedona which paled in comparison to Ted. He was so personable and not overbearing, knowledgeable and never repeated himself, and then knew when to just let us be and enjoy the sunset. So appreciate Ted Riley!!

Greg, 02 Apr 2017

Guide was great and showed us some great views. Lots of information

Wendu, 31 Mar 2017

Great pace, enough stops and opportunities for photos. Guide offered to take our groups photo was was appreciated

Bradley, 31 Mar 2017

The best ever

Josh, 29 Mar 2017

Its was super fun and cool, you learn a lot about all the tribes,canyon ect. your aloud to eat and drink on the jeep. Also you see only the greatest views of the Grand Canyon!

jonathan, 27 Mar 2017

It was very informative and Sam was great.

Phil, 27 Mar 2017

Lucy was fantastic! She made the tour! She even taught us some iPhone photo tips that's greatly improved our vacation photos and memories.

Luke, 24 Mar 2017

It was terrific. Seeing all the different look out points help us the next day when we took our own time to tour the canyon

Dick, 19 Mar 2017

The tour was amazing

Patricia, 13 Mar 2017

SO fun! HIghlight of our trip! Andrew was amazing!

Steve, 10 Mar 2017

We LOVED the tour! Andrew was fun and informative and just a JOY! We loved the spots he chose to take us and the fun and varied information about the Park.

Tracy, 10 Mar 2017

Very informative, entertaining and it was great to go where tourists were not. Semi private was nice too

Scott, 26 Feb 2017

it was excellent, due to the bad weather the tour was perfect. Jason mad the whole group feel like family and made us feel that we could have spent the whole day together touring many other parts of the Grand Canyon

Jay, 11 Feb 2017

Our tour guide Jason Rodriguez was so Amazing and very knowledgeable about the Grand Canyon

Jacqueline, 11 Feb 2017

I liked the tour-glad I chose this venue to see the Grand Canyon. I would consider your tour group again when I visit the Canyon again.

JAMES, 07 Feb 2017

Great fun, exciting and interesting too. Ted was a perfect host, very engaging and knowledgeable. After having had such a great time on the Broken Arrow tour in Sedona, the decision to sign up for a Grand Canyon tour was so easy, and did not disappoint. We really appreciated Ted's sharing so much knowledge of the geology, history and culture that we wouldn't have picked up on our own. He had some "inside" knowledge like "over here, you can see some really well-preserved...

Theresa, 15 Jan 2017