Pink Jeep Tours Grand Canyon Media Kit

Pink Jeep Tours is the longest running, and the largest off-road adventure company in the US. We recently celebrated our 50th year anniversary in Sedona, Arizona where it all began. Since 1960, hundreds of thousands of passengers have headed out into the Southwest outback, witnessing spectacular places they could never have imagined. Their recommendations to family and friends are the hallmark of our operation. “You Gotta Do It!” Building on a successful Sedona operation, Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas began a decade ago and is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. Owner Shawn Wendell is an innovator and entrepreneur who understands what excites people on a tour. Investing in top notch education for the remarkable Pink Jeep Tours guides, building the custom Jeep Wrangler tour vehicles, and committing to stellar customer service are what has made us the premiere sightseeing Tour Company in the Grand Canyon area.


You may view and download the Pink Jeep Tours Grand Canyon Media Kit here: PJT Grand Canyon Media Kit



Through our commitment to the environment, customer service and company values, we strive as a team for the highest level of service and success in the adventure tour business. We sell fun and education, creating lasting memories!


  1. Integrity
    • Be honest with ourselves, with the community and with each other
    • Be responsible for the environment, the tour & the safety of our guests
    • Observe our Permits at all times
  2. Re-Investing
    • Re-invest in the company (buildings, systems, marketing, etc.)
    • Continually improve the fleet
    • Support the community
  3. Customer Service
    • Deliver on our promises
    • Exceed customer expectations
    • Provide clean, safe vehicles
    • Employ approachable employees
    • When things go wrong, find a way to make them right
  4. Great Place to Work
    • Great benefits, great pay, safe environment
    • Invest in our employees (healthcare, bonuses, training)
    • Respect and trust one another
    • Reward accomplishments
    • Create a culture of discipline and fun
  5. Profitable
    • Make sound financial decisions
    • Ensure realistic return on investments and capital expenditures
    • Maintain relationships with vendors, Forest Service and the community
    • Plan, fund and staff projects accordingly
    • Without profitability, none of the other values are achievable
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