The Grand Deluxe Tour

The Grand Deluxe Tour: Hourly Departure up to 3:30 PM.

TOUR TIME: Approximately 3 hours

PRICE: $115.00 per adult, $104.00 per child (ages 1.5 to 15 years)

Price does not include tax. 15% gratuity added for parties of 8 or more.



  • Venture east to explore more remote viewpoints of the South Rim, unvisited by many tour companies.
  • Travel in an open-air Jeep and feel the wind in your hair as you journey above the canyon walls.
  • Sit back and listen as your private tour guide narrates the history and culture of the area.
  • Your guide will make the Grand Canyon come to life through experience, story, and legend.
  • Stop at Navajo Point for a spectacular view of the “Big Bend” in the Colorado River.
  • Gaze in amazement at the view—2,000 feet down the Escalante and Cardenas Buttes.
  • Your Jeep will take you 80 feet up to the incredible lookout spot of Lipan Point.
  • From Lipan Point, take in views of Seventyfive Mile Creek, the Hance Rapids, and Vishnu Schist.
  • Get a breathtaking, 360-degree view from the top of the 70-foot tall Desert View Watchtower.
  • Visit Moran Point for picture-perfect views, including one of the famous “Sinking Ship.”
  • Ask questions to your heart’s content: your personal guide is there with the answers!
  • See the canyon in high-definition in the IMAX movie, “Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets.”


*Fee does not cover park re-entry after tour.

Tour Description:

Venture to the remote side of the Grand Canyon with this Grand Canyon tours package. Explore the cultural history of the Grand Canyon and soak in the glorious views of the East Rim unseen by many Grand Canyon tours.

Our Grand Canyon tours maximize your views of the East Rim without the hassle of waiting for a tour bus. You’ll board one of Pink Jeep Tours’ famous open-air Jeeps. Feel the natural wind of the Grand Canyon brush against your skin. Your chauffeur is also your personal tour guide who will share key facts on the history, wildlife and this magnificent landscape not found in the national park’s brochures.

At the beginning of our Grand Canyon tours, your Pink Jeep Wrangler takes you further along the East Rim on Desert View Drive, past the last park shuttle bus stop. You have a front-row seat to twenty-five miles of astounding views of the Grand Canyon. During this drive, your professional tour guide narrates the cultural past of the Native American Hopi tribe who made their home at the Grand Canyon many years ago.

Navajo Point is next. Our Grand Canyon tour lookout point offers a choice angle of the Colorado River’s ‘big bend’ area. For even more exclusive views, schedule your tour in the morning to watch the colorful changing patterns on the western cliffs as the sun rises above the canyon. At almost 7,500 feet, Navajo Point is the highest natural spot on the East Rim. You can even see 2,000 feet down the Escalante and Cardenas Buttes, Tanner Canyon and several miles of the Tanner Trail running alongside these buttes.

Next stop is Lipan Point, 80 feet higher in elevation. You can still see the tips of the pine trees thriving along the East Rim. At Lipan Point, you can see below the Seventyfive Mile Creek and its tributaries running beneath a thin ridge connected to Escalante Butte and joining the Colorado River. Downstream of Hance Rapids, you can also see the beginning of the inner canyon gorge where the Colorado River first cuts into the prehistoric Vishnu Schist.

Time to hop out at the Desert View Watchtower. This 70-foot high stone building, also known as the Indian Watchtower at Desert View, looks similar to other structures along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. That’s because the Fred Harvey Company, builder of this watchtower in 1932, also designed Hermit’s Rest and Lookout Studio. It was designed to appear much older than its true age as homage to an Ancient Pueblo Peoples watchtower. So step inside and admire the lively murals inside painted by celebrated Hopi artist Fred Kabotie. After an 85-step climb, get out your cameras for this 360-degree view. You can even see the panorama of the Painted Desert’s flat plains through the windows of this National Historic Landmark.

Moran Point is the perfect place to gaze into the Grand Canyon. If you prefer evening Grand Canyon tours, Moran Point is the best spot along the East Rim to watch the colors of the setting sun dance upon the Grand Canyon cliffs. Watch the whirling waters of the Hakatai Rapids below and try to spot the Sinking Ship. What’s that? Your tour guide has that answer.


Please Note:  The stops and the order of stops is different for each tour guide.


We were very impressed with our tour guide, Duff. He was very personable and informative. We felt like we knew him personally! He made the tour so interesting and we wish it would have been longer. We were considering a self-guided tour but after this tour, we would recommend Pink Jeep tours to everyone! We can't wait to come back and take another tour with your company.

Tina and Jeremy, 31 Oct 2016


Taylor, 30 Oct 2016

Smooth , fun, and educational..

Sonia, 30 Oct 2016

Great tour with an informed and entertaining guide!

Carl, 29 Oct 2016

Our tour guide Adam made this trip unforgettable. His knowledge of the canyon was phenomenal--history, geology, plant life, animal life--he knew it all! We particularly enjoyed the fact that his presentation was not scripted, but addressed any questions we had easily and fully. Cannot say enough good things about this young man!!

Allen, 28 Oct 2016

It was great, I felt like I saw and heard things I would not have otherwise.

Jesse, 28 Oct 2016

We were totally pleased with the tour! Lucy kept it fun and showed us all the best spots interjecting history along the way. We really liked how she took a little time to get to know the couples on the tour and shared best things to do after the tour.

Lisa, 28 Oct 2016

Our tour guide - Bill Sterling made the tour as unforgettable fun tour. Hopefully we would meet again in our next tour in the area.

Israel, 27 Oct 2016

Adam was the tour, the Grand Canyon was secondary. Adam was great.

Kent, 27 Oct 2016

Well worth the money, your p explain e are the best!!!

Harold, 27 Oct 2016

Great experience

Lucy, 27 Oct 2016

Fun, just what we were looking for.

Paula, 27 Oct 2016

Enjoyed the information, what sites to look for with binoculars provided to us. Others in the group with different questions & comments. My fantastic pictures with the help of Fred. No hassle parking or working about where to go next.

Linda, 25 Oct 2016

Sam was the best tour guide we've ever had. His knowledge of the Grand Canyon was unbelievable. He made our two young children feel really comfortable and made them laugh a lot. Thanks Sam!!!

Mike, 24 Oct 2016

Best tour of the 4 tours we've taken so far

Curtis, 23 Oct 2016


Kelley, 22 Oct 2016

William was amazing. His knowledge and stories outstanding. We really felt privileged to have him. He was superior and the tour was so much more than we expected! Thank you.

Sheryl, 20 Oct 2016

Our tour was fantastic and Chris made it with his knowledge and personal experiences of hiking the canyon. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

Julie, 20 Oct 2016

there was no way we could have done what we did and learned as much as we did had we not gone on this tour. Lots of detailed information and recommendations helped us even after the tour to know how to plan the rest of our day.

Karen, 18 Oct 2016

Fun and Informative. Sam did a great job!

Tom, 18 Oct 2016