Pink Jeep Tours Grand Canyon Jeep® Wrangler

Pink Jeep Tours vehicle next to two couples learning about Grand Canyon


The iconic Pink Jeep Wrangler is designed for the Pink Jeep Tours Grand Canyon excursions at the Grand Canyon South Rim.  There is a lot more to our Pink Jeep Wranglers than meets the eye.  All of our Pink Jeep Wranglers are purchased new, panels and parts removed, and custom rebuilt from the suspension on up.  The goal is to create a superior touring vehicle which offers extra passenger room, a superior on and off-road ride, and an amazing rock climbing suspension system.

The Jeep Wrangler rebuild process is time consuming and extensive.  We remove all of the excess stock parts that we do not plan on using and prepare the vehicle for deep customization.  We start the build by upgrading the axles and Long Arm suspension.  We change the axle gearing from 3.71:1 to 4.56:1 to assist the vehicle in being able to crawl over the rocks and terrain easier.  The front axle is bulked up by adding a ¼ inch thick sleeve inside the axle tubes and gussets, from the ball joint bracket to the axle tubes.  To reduce the usual bumps associated with off-roading we then add in heavy duty springs along with heavy duty steering linkage.  The stock Dana 44 rear axle is removed and a heavy duty Dana 60 axle is installed.

Once the fabrication and suspension work is completed, the canopy framework and extended seating is installed.  Then pink primer paint is applied to the vehicle so that if there are any rock chips, etc… the Jeep stays pink.  High traffic areas like the floor, steps, and grab handles are painted with a colored bedliner material.  The whole Pink Jeep Wrangler conversion process takes about 9 weeks from start to finish.  Then the vehicle is ready to go on a Pink Jeep Tours Grand Canyon excursion!

New Jeep before modification begins
New Jeep with doors and panels removed
New Jeep suspension being put in
New Jeep being modified with new trim
New Jeep with Pink paint and undercoat being applied
Finished new Jeep