The Grand Trail Tour

The Grand Trail Tour

TOUR TIME: Approximately 3 hours

PRICE: $115.00 per adult, $104.00 per child (ages 1.5 to 15 years)

Price does not include taxes.  15% gratuity required for groups of 8 or more.



  • Step back in time as you visit the majestic Grand Canyon and its fascinating “Trail of Time.”
  • Cruise in your open-air Jeep Wrangler, taking in the sights on the way to the trail.
  • Walk the paved “Trail of Time,” from Yavapai Point to Grand Canyon Village.
  • Your 3-mile walk with take you through a geologic history of the canyon’s rock formations.
  • With hands-on activities and with your guide’s expertise, history will come to life.
  • Your guide will help you examine a fossil, watch for wildlife, and identify unique plants.
  • Learn about (and see firsthand) ancient rocks and algal reefs.
  • Enter the Yavapai Geology Museum for a deeper look into the canyon’s geology.
  • Visit Grand Canyon Village, home to the El Tovar Hotel, Hopi House, and authentic Hopi market.
  • Your guide’s stories will open your eyes to the beauty and wonder of the Grand Canyon.
  • See the canyon in high-definition in the IMAX movie, “Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets.”

*Fee does not cover park re-entry after tour.

Tour Description:

Step back in time with Pink Jeep Tours’ Grand Trail Tour.

Experience the unending vastness and awesome beauty of the Grand Canyon – on the ground. An open-air Jeep Wrangler will bring you to the trail and your expert guide, brimming with facts about the geological formations and the multi-colored rock layers, will walk you along the paved Trail of Time from Yavapai Point to Grand Canyon Village.

With ample time to take in the expansive views and ever-changing light, you will stop at Yavapai Point Observatory, Hopi House, filled with exquisite Hopi arts and crafts, and the magnificent El Tovar Lodge.

So, what is the Trail of Time? The Trail of Time is a paved trail almost 3 miles long that is brimming with hands-on Grand Canyon activities. The trail resembles a geologic timeline of the formation of the Grand Canyon. Each meter of the trail represents one million years of the Grand Canyon’s rich geological history.

You’ll have plenty of time to take in the astounding views of the Grand Canyon. Peer through the wall of windows at Yavapai Point for views of the Grand Canyon’s expansive gorge. Then step inside the nearby Yavapai Geology Museum for an interactive introduction to Grand Canyon geology that explores the Canyon floor and the Colorado River through films and exhibits.

Along the trail, you’ll notice bronze markers within the paved path. These markers point out your location in time of the Grand Canyon forming. Go further to find Grand Canyon activities of ancient rocks you can touch. Wayside exhibits explain how these rocks formed within the Grand Canyon as well as key events in history leading up to pivotal Grand Canyon formations. Rocks are placed alongside their “birthdays” of appearing within the Grand Canyon. Keep a lookout for rocks with 1.7-billion-year-old folds, 1.2-billion-year-old mud cracks, 800-million-year-old algal reefs and 270-million-year-old fossils. Viewing tubes along the trail link times on the timeline to landmarks and rocks in the canyon below.

The end of the trail doesn’t mean the end to your Grand Canyon activities. There’s much to explore at the Grand Canyon Village. This National Historic Landmark District features El Tovar Hotel and Hopi House. Explore the timeless charm of El Tovar’s lobby as well as the elegant exterior designed to be a cross between a Swiss chalet and a Norwegian Villa. Did you know that the El Tovar Hotel was once considered the most elegant hotel west of the Mississippi River? At Hopi House, discover exquisite art crafted by Hopi artisans. This Native American market, designed to resemble a traditional Hopi pueblo, was built in 1905 with native stone in a series of ascending terraces.


IT was a unique way ofo experiemcing the grand canyon - Duff brought it to life

Margaret, 19 Apr 2017

So much fun definitely something my family will remember forever!! Our tour guide, Andrew, made it so fun and we learned so much. We will definitely reccomend and maybe even come back ! WE LOVE PINK JEEP TOURS!

Taylor, 18 Apr 2017

Outstanding tour with Brady

Jake, 05 Apr 2017

I enjoyed the historic narrative.

Victoria, 29 Mar 2017

The tour was great. There was a lot of good solid information. There where also good views of the canyon.

Maddie, 26 Mar 2017

Jason was informative and willing to answer all questions with enthusiasm. We didn't have much time to spend at the Canyon and we were thankful that we chose this tour to get a good mix of information and sights. My family and I really enjoyed our tour and would definitely use this company again.

Julie, 26 Mar 2017

Great tour with knowledgeable, engaging tour guide. He gave us ideas for other places to visit and they were all great! Fantastic!

Brian, 26 Mar 2017


Jackie, 23 Mar 2017

Ted was passionate about what he was talking about and it showed during the tour. He made it fun, interesting, and entertaining. If I do this tour again I would request Ted! He made the experience great!

Madeleine, 18 Mar 2017

Breathtaking. Amazing selection of spots to stop and an awesome tour guide. Ted had knowledge, charisma , and a pure love for the outdoors. Fantastic guide.

Mary, 14 Mar 2017

Lucy was great! I had the best time!

Jasmine, 13 Mar 2017

We had such a great time. Lucy seemed to be very knowledgeable about the area. We had a lot of snow the day we took the tour,. We are from Florida and had and not use to walking in the snow. Lucy was very helpful with that. She took a lot of pictures for us. My 2 sisters and I will bring our husbands back. to take this tour. Hopefully we will see some animals.

Marie, 05 Mar 2017

Great, and Sean made it for us.

Bev, 05 Mar 2017

I am thrilled that we had the pleasure of William a Native American for our guide. He had insight and passion for the region.

Karis, 04 Mar 2017

Tour was great. Our Tour guide Sam Rodriguuez was awesome. I could tell he loved the park and was excited about telling us the history. We were shown "Moran Point" which was my favorite spot in the park. It was quiet with an open breattaking view! I even came back after the tour for meditation! I will be recommending this tour to anyone who visits the park.

Jakeemia, 24 Feb 2017

I think Jason Rodriquez was a very informative and made the grand canyon even more magnificent. Really appreciated him helping making it memorable by helping us capture photos with me and my girlfriend. Thanks for all the information.

RJ, 11 Feb 2017

Jason Rodriquez is awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Really enjoyed the tour. Ive been there moretimes then you can count since i grew up in Flagstaff but jason made it fun . i learned alot of information I did not know. Thank you Jason for your service to our country. Your a nice young man and i wish you the very best. Ten thousand thumbs up.

Kit, 11 Feb 2017

The tour was fantastic my wife and I were on a tour with Andrew and he was phenomenal. Andrew was very informative funny and interactive, he showed us the greatest spots for the views of the Grand Canyon and told us very interesting stories along the way.

Brandon, 18 Dec 2016

Werner was very informative and humorous. He included everybody through questions and answers. I use a cane and he made sure to help me at all times. He took the time to get to know our interest. He had a way of making us feel important. He does this many times a day yet finds ways to make it fun. Werner......YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!

Glennis, 27 Nov 2016

Beautiful, comfortable, educating and imformative! All staff very friendly. Felt right at home! Will definitely recommend Pink Jeep Tours, our Jeep was very clean!

Stephanie, 02 Nov 2016